OptiChamber® Advantage Valved Holding Chamber

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OptiChamber Advantage Valved Holding Chamber was designed to optimize delivery of metered dose inhaler (MDI) asthma medication. OptiChamber makes available more of the smaller medication particles — those that can reach deep into the peripheral airways — than the smaller (AeroChamber® 145 ml) valved holding chamber developed in the early 1980s.¹-² And, OptiChamber has been clinically demonstrated to provide rapid lung function improvement when compared to drug delivered via jet nebulizer and a large volume (Volumatic®, 750 ml) spacer³. Designed to optimize patient value and ease-of-use, OptiChamber's replaceable valve facilitates cleaning and provides longer trouble-free performance. In addition, detachable masks adapt to changing patient needs and help keep costs to a minimum.


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